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sons of the Forest walkthrough

Seasons 1

Prepare yourself for the changing seasons in Sons of the Forest, as the game introduces a brand new feature that will take you through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. During Spring and Summer, you’ll have the opportunity to catch salmon in the flowing rivers, explore wildlife throughout the game’s world, and even witness turtles laying eggs on the beaches. However, as the seasons transition to Fall and Winter, the environment becomes more challenging as the ground freezes over, and animals retreat to warmer locations. Survival during the Winter season will be a test of your survival skills similar to that of a survival game.

In Sons of the Forest, surviving the harsh winter season requires careful planning and preparation. One crucial aspect is to set up a solid campfire in your base to keep you warm, and stockpile enough wood to keep the fire burning. It’s also essential to dry your meat and create a stockpile, as fresh food becomes scarce during the winter. It’s advisable to keep your smoothies and packaged meals for emergency situations when all else fails.

The AI in Sons of the Forest also responds to the seasonal changes. During winter, cannibal tribes tend to stay closer to their base and focus on survival. They’ll also wear warm suits to combat the cold. As a player, you need to adapt your tactics and clothing accordingly to survive the winter. These details are confirmed on the unofficial fan Sons of the Forest Youtube Channel.

Sons of the Forest takes the survival theme to the next level with a much more prominent winter season. While The Forest had its own cold and wet status effects, Sons of the Forest raises the stakes, making survival during winter a challenging task. You’ll need to be well-prepared to face the freezing cold temperatures and manage your resources carefully. So, get ready to prepare for the winter season like a true survivalist to make it through in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Tip 2: Ammo and Guns

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Ammo is a scarce resource in Sons of the Forest, so you’ll need to use shotguns and other ballistic weapons wisely. The game developers at Endnight have emphasized the importance of guns in the game and showcased a stun baton as a more peaceful means of controlling situations. Electric weapons such as the stun baton will rely on batteries, while guns will require ammo, which is not readily available on the island. As a player, you’ll have to scavenge around the map for ammo.

In a 2020 interview with Farket, a popular Forest YouTuber, the developers addressed concerns about shotguns in trailers. They confirmed that ammo is indeed scarce, and combat will remain primarily focused on melee. Therefore, it’s essential to use your ammo wisely and resort to melee combat whenever possible.

In Sons of the Forest, guns should be your last resort or reserved for emergency situations since ammo is a scarce resource. As a beginner, it’s crucial to use your guns wisely and not waste ammo on unnecessary situations. You never know when or where you’ll find your next batch of ammo. However, if you’ve played the game for hours and familiarized yourself with the map, you’ll have a better idea of where to find ammo and how much you can use it.

Until you’re confident about your ammo management skills, it’s better to be cautious with weapons than to be trigger-happy. Save your ammo for situations where it’s necessary and use melee weapons whenever possible to conserve ammo. In Sons of the Forest, survival is about resource management, and ammo is one of the most crucial resources you’ll need to conserve.

Sons of the Forest Tip 3: Companions

In Sons of the Forest, players will have the option to use companions, which are similar to Fallout-style companions. Each companion has their own set of skills and needs for survival, but players can choose to play the game solo if they prefer.

One potential companion that players can encounter early on is Kelvin, a fellow survivor who cannot speak but can be given orders via a notepad. Kelvin can help players acquire materials to build their campsite, but he requires rest and food to continue assisting. If players lose Kelvin, he may be gone for good due to the game’s perma-death feature for companions.

As players progress, they will have the opportunity to encounter more companions, including one mutant named Virginia who appears to be combat-focused. Virginia has three arms and legs, and is shown using a shotgun and pistol simultaneously in trailers, making her a formidable ally in battle.

Sons of the Forest Tip 4: Respect the new AI

Sons of the Forest players should take advantage of the new V.I.A.L tech and learn about the enhanced capabilities of the AI. Endnight, the developer, has stated that the AI will be significantly better than in the first game. With V.I.A.L technology, the AI and NPCs can experience a wide range of emotions, such as fear, fatigue, anger, hunger, thirst, boredom, and more. These emotions will affect their behavior and decision-making when interacting with the player.

A trailer for the game showcased a scenario where mutants and certain cannibal tribes were fighting each other, regardless of the player’s presence. Additionally, some cannibals will attack the player’s base, either to destroy it and force the player to move on or to steal resources. The AI will come with a specific strategy, so players should expect the unexpected and adapt to the island’s residents’ behavior.

According to the Farket interview, the AI will also use technology against the player. For instance, some AI will use ziplines or launch fast attack raids over the player’s defenses to infiltrate their village. Players should defend the landing spot if they have a zipline, and the AI may exploit the player’s defenses’ weak points or send in support to neutralize the traps before the actual wave of attackers arrives.

Tip 5: Healing is scarce

You can find two spawns of Aloe Vera near the crashed helicopter site. Check the mini-map and GPS for its location.

At the beginning of the game, healing items are scarce. While you can find meds in caves, boxes, and other storage areas, they can come with risks due to the presence of tribes. Aloe Vera is also relatively rare, but it can be found near inland water sources and rivers. Additionally, you will need Marrow for basic med, or Horsetail and Firweed to make the healing + recipe, which tend to spawn in different areas of the map in large patches.

If you can locate the area near the crashed plane just below the mountains, there are plenty of these types of items around there. You can find two early game Aloe Vera sources around the viney helicopter site by a small pond directly below the main stream flowing area in the image above.

If you need more information on healing, we have a dedicated page that can help you learn about healing items and herbs and where to find them early in the game.

Tip 6: The Can Opener

The snow next to the tent is where you’ll discover the can opener.

When starting a new game, your helicopter may crash in the mountains. If you follow a small stream up the mountain, you’ll eventually come across a frozen lake. There are various items to loot around the lake and in the small ice cave, including a can opener. This tool will come in handy for opening tinned cat food, which can be found in boxes, cases, and other interesting areas. Having a can opener will help with your food situation in the early game and during the winter months when food storage is crucial.

If you begin your game on the beach, your first task is to locate the Slingshot Cave and then make your way up the mountain. If you’re interested in a more detailed guide on how to acquire the can opener, we have one available for you.

Tip 7: The first cave you should visit is the Miners Cave

The Miner’s Cave is located in this vicinity.

To find the Miner’s Cave at the beginning of the game, head towards the lake situated next to the rivers flowing down the mountain. When facing the helicopter crash, turn left and proceed towards the large reservoir area. From there, follow the left river and stay to the left side of the bank until the cave appears on your GPS. It would have been easier to provide coordinates or a compass if available. Upon reaching the end of the cave, you’ll be rewarded with a Rope Gun, which will allow you to explore more caves. However, be aware that the cave is guarded by various faceless enemies, such as Sluggy, babies, and the new crawling mutant.

Tip 8: Birds and Feathers

There are caddies in this area of the map that attract birds.

For those in urgent need of feathers and bird meat at the start of the game, here are a few tips. Firstly, head down to the beach where you’ll find seagulls feeding on corpses. Additionally, there is a crashed plane near the mountain cave by the large lake. Head down the hill towards the relatively flat land with lighter green on the map compared to the hills. You’ll notice a caddy where bluebirds tend to gather, and you can easily collect feathers by chopping away at it.

Tip 9: The 3D Printer

The cave that houses the 3D Printer is in this area and allows for the creation of flasks for water collection in Sons of the Forest.

Crafting essential items has been made easier with the introduction of the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest. The good news is that you can find it early on in the game. Look for a Green POI on your GPS Tracker located south of the large lake below the mountains, where you’ll find several closely flowing streams. The cave is situated near a small stream, and its location is marked on the map.

The reason why you should visit this cave is due to the items you can create using the 3D Printer. One such item is a Flask, which makes collecting water during your travels much more manageable. There are also other useful items available for crafting. However, the Flask is undoubtedly the most crucial item.

These tips should set you on your way to surviving in Sons of the Forest, the latest Lost simulator with added mutants and cannibals. Good luck!


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